Five Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Dealership’s Website Experience

Five Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Dealership’s Website Experience


You already know that advertising to bring prospective buyers to your car dealership’s website is extremely important. Potential customers who visit your website and stay there for any length of time have a much higher close rate than those who have never been to your online home. Once you get visitors to your page, however, it is important that your site keeps them interested and engaged with your dealership and its inventory. Here are five helpful strategies for improving a car dealership website experience:
1. Diversify Your Content

It is true that your inventory is the heart and soul of your dealership; without the cars, there wouldn’t be a business. However, your dealership most likely does much more than just sell cars. Make sure to talk about your service center, finance department, and parts store so that visitors understand the full breadth of your dealership’s capabilities. Also, do not forget about the importance of geographically-targeted content. Improving a car dealership website experience hinges on giving visitors information that is targeted at them – geographic content gives people pertinent information and also helps you improve your search ranking.
2. Provide Fresh Content Regularly With Blogs

Blogging is important for online marketing across all industries. According to HubSpot, 46% of people read blogs multiple times a day. Not only will blogs help you inform your reader about important issues in the industry, if you tag them properly, blog posts will also give you a boost in search marketing. You can post about local events in the community, customer testimonials, or staff profiles. Offering valuable content on a consistent basis is the key to improving a car dealership website experience through blogging.

3. Add New Pages On A Monthly Basis

New content is looked upon very highly by search engine algorithms. If you have a special promotion going on or want to talk about a new vehicle model that has recently been released, creating a new page with good content will help you attract people through search and give them the information that they need very quickly. Be sure that your new pages have proper tags, which will give you even more of an SEO boost.

4. Sell Your People, Not Just Your Cars

With all the hype around content, search engine optimization, and advertising based on data, some dealership marketers might forget that at the end of the day, people buy from other people. This principle is especially true in the car business. Create a page for your staff members and allow their voice to be heard on your site from time to time. Personalizing your web site with staff profiles and opinions contributes to improving a car dealership website experience by “humanizing” your business and building trust with your prospects before they even set foot on your lot.

5. Stay Compliant With OEM Rules

Most automobile OEMS have regulations and guidelines that they put in place to govern the things their dealerships are allowed to have on their website. It is important that you stay up to date about these guidelines and apply them to your website. Keeping a site compliant with OEM regulations will help give your customers a more consistent browsing experience and has the added benefit of giving you easier access to any OEM marketing resources that are available to your dealership.

Although advertising is important, making sure that your site provides users with a great experience will help you close more business once they visit the page. Use advertising to effectively bring in visitors and then follow these five steps for improving your car dealership website experience and offer value. When these two sides of the online marketing coin are managed properly, you will have a much better ROI from your dealership website.