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Message from Steve Kump, President and CTO

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Are You Delivering a Positive Customer Experience? The Odds Aren’t in Your Favor!

Delivering a positive customer experience is essential in virtually every business, particularly in highly competitive...

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The Essential Elements of an Effective Dealership Website

How effective is your dealership website? As more and more consumers turn to the web during the automotive research...

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Can the Modern Perception of a Car Dealership be Remedied?

Just as attorneys and mortgage brokers often received a bad rap, it’s no secret that the car sales industry also has a...

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Can Social Media Drive Sales? The Numbers Don't Lie!

There are many schools of thought when it comes to social media. Many in the automotive industry would consider social...

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Leveraging Inbound Calls to Improve the Sales Process

Inbound calls should serve as an integral component of the sales process. When a potential customer is reaching out to...

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How to Increase Your Internet Close Rate

Though driving web leads is a very important component of any dealership marketing strategy, it’s really only half the...

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Is the QR Code Dead in Dealership Marketing?

The average car dealership is in constant pursuit of an effective means of communication with potential car buyers. The...

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Are you Effectively Responding to Overnight Leads?

Driving leads is one of the most important aspects of your dealership marketing campaign. How you follow up with those...

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When Driving Web Traffic, Do You Want Quality or Quantity?

Do you find yourself asking this question about your dealership website: Should I be more focused on traffic levels or...

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