Taking Your Promotional Videos to the Next Level

Taking Your Promotional Videos to the Next Level

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of digital marketing today. Not only do consumers engage in video, they often take action after watching video. In fact, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, 75% of consumers visit a marketer’s website after viewing a video. What does this tell us? It’s time to fire up that YouTube channel and begin producing promotional videos!

Promotional Video Wins

The secret to creating dealership marketing videos that get results is connecting with your audience. Whether you’re going for humour or sentiment, the key is to evoke an emotion that will stick with your audience. The following examples of promotional videos strike several chords; they not only make us laugh, they have focused appeal to the average minivan owner: parents and families. Do yourself a favour and take a few minutes to watch both:

Though these are higher budget than the average dealership can afford, there are still lessons to be learned here. Mainly, a video that puts a smile on your viewer’s face is more likely to become viral.

Video Marketing on a Smaller Scale

As a dealership, you probably don’t have the time or resources to produce a high-quality music video, but you can certainly have success with video marketing. By investing in some basic audiovisual tools and asking your team to be creative, you can begin to build a library of promotional videos. These videos can be shared on your Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs), social media channels, embedded into email marketing messaging and much more.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at Mills Motors YouTube Channel. This Oshawa, ON based GMC dealership is not only having fun with video, they’re driving quality traffic directly to their online assets. Be sure and check out Snow For Sale!! Only at Mills Motors! and 96 Year Old Buys a Car from Mills Motors for some great examples of fun and simple dealership marketing videos.

As you begin planning your video marketing strategy, keep these ideas in mind:

✓     Vehicle features
✓     Test driving vehicles
✓     Reviewing cars
✓     Customer testimonials
✓     Parodies
✓     Car buying tips
✓     Car maintenance tips
✓     Job postings
✓     Answering frequently asked questions

With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can create dealership marketing videos that resonate with your target demographic.

Promotional Video Tips:

✓     Work with a designer to create a video lead-in, this should be added to the beginning of every video.
✓     Feature one or two team member regularly, this enables your audience to relate and adds an element of familiarity.
✓     Keep them short and sweet, no longer than 2 or 3 minutes.
✓     Have fun!

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