When Driving Web Traffic, Do You Want Quality or Quantity?

When Driving Web Traffic, Do You Want Quality or Quantity?

Do you find yourself asking this question about your dealership website: Should I be more focused on traffic levels or engagement rate? At Speed Shift Media, we believe the answer to this question is simple: you want both! With a little analysis and the right marketing strategy in place, you can reach the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

What is Quality Traffic?

Before you can analyze the difference between quality and quantity traffic, you first have to determine what you consider to be quality traffic. Is it a visit directly to a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP)? Is it a consumer who engages in a chat conversation with one of your employees? If you’re not sure which web actions typically lead to a visit to your lot – or better yet, a sale – it’s time to start doing your homework. Using website analytics, such as Google Analytics, you can learn a lot about website behaviour and the path your site visitors typically take.

Work with a member of your technical staff to take a deeper dive. Analyze click paths. Look at what pages visitors often come in on before completing a lead form or initiating a chat session. If you have the proper tracking in place, make the same determination about click paths and phone calls. By defining which pages typically lead to a desired action, you can begin to focus your efforts on driving traffic to those specific pages. Through this simple exercise, you can begin to take a more strategic approach to your website promotion.

Turn Up the Volume

Once you’ve identified your highest quality traffic, it’s time to turn up the volume. Seek out an advertising vendor that can help you drive increased volumes of your highest quality traffic. At Speed Shift Media, we have developed what we consider to be perfectly targeted advertising, matching vehicles being reviewed online with your inventory (based on make, model, and year). Our team of experts is on hand to help you create a campaign that not only drives high volumes of traffic, it will drive high volumes of your highest quality traffic. Through our proprietary dealership display advertising platform, we can deliver dynamic ads, featuring your inventory, to consumers at the optimal point in the sales funnel. Our Auto Audience™ Network combines the most powerful attributes of search advertising and dealership display advertising to deliver a hyper-effective advertising network. Here’s how our system works:

  1. We sync your inventory with our system, with or without a feed. (Ask us about “Blue Steel”)
  2. We match your inventory with vehicle reviews being served in your area
  3. We display your inventory alongside contextually relevant reviews
  4. Interested consumers click on your ad and land directly on your Vehicle Detail Page (VDP)
  5. You capture more leads and close more sales!

If you’re ready to learn more about the Auto Audience™ Network, we encourage you to contact us today! Allow us to show you a demo and help you understand what many of your competitors have already discovered; highly targeted dealership display advertising drives higher levels of hyper-targeted traffic. Let’s get started now!