Here’s What Direct Google Conversions are Hiding

I, like all of you, want to maximize the returns from my marketing spend. Also like many of you, I use many tactics and...

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Why Measuring Your Conversions by Source is a Mistake

There is a lot of talk about segmenting your sources and there are countless articles about how to properly set up your...

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Who Do You Trust When it Comes to Your Digital Media Decisions? 

Digital media measurement has been eluding us since it started, and for the most part, it is simply due to the various...

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Retargeting Can Help Your Dealership Reach Return Visitors and Gain Higher Returns

Everyone is constantly looking to get the best bang for their buck and gain better results for less. However, most...

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New Car Marketing Techniques Aren't Effective at Marketing Pre-Owned Vehicles

Everyone loves new cars. They’re shiny, they smell great and the sales staff love making a big sale. It’s a huge part of...

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Why Typical Display Ads Should Not Be a Significant Part of Your Advertising Spend

We’ve talked at length about what should and shouldn’t be a part of your regular advertising spend, month-to-month. I’ve...

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The Most Common Retargeting Mistakes That Dealerships Make

Dealers spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars to attract new car shoppers to their website. However, many...

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Four Surefire Ways to Optimize Your VDPs for Maximum Engagement

At Speed Shift Media, we are proud to drive qualified buyers to your dealership’s Vehicle Detail Pages. However, we know...

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External Benchmarks Don’t Really Matter. Here’s What Does.

Digital marketing in the automotive dealership industry is incredibly competitive. Dealers are constantly vying for the...

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