Leading Manufacturers are Appealing to the Female Car Buyer, are You?

In recent years, industry analysts have begun to recognize the buying power women currently hold in the marketplace, and...

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3 Tips to Producing Truly Optimal Mobile Ads

Are you missing a large advertising opportunity because you are not yet on mobile? Mobile isn’t just a vital advertising...

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Differentiating Your Dealership in a Sea of Competition

Are you struggling with differentiating your dealership from the rest? Setting your dealership apart from your...

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Dealership Reviews: An Integral Component of your Online Identity

What do your dealership reviews say about you? Apparently a lot. According to research from econsultancy.com, 61% of...

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Dealership Marketing: Attract Motivated Buyers Using Multi-Device Ads

We have heard plenty of talk lately about multi-device advertising; the challenges, the benefits and how the heck to do...

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Geo-Targeting and Digital Display Advertising: Why it's a Must, Especially for Car Dealerships

Effective geo-targeting is undoubtedly essential to any online advertising campaign. However, it is particularly...
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Is Your Retail Experience Hindering Dealership Sales? 

Is your dealership delivering a positive retail experience? While most in the industry would respond with a resounding...
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The Shift from Newspaper to Digital – is your Dealership on Trend?

There has been a renaissance of sorts in the advertising world over the last two decades. The digital ad, which was once...
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Twitter Use by Auto Brands in on the Rise – How Can Dealerships Benefit?

There is no question that major auto manufacturers and brands have found success with social media in recent years,...

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